Post Partum Gift Box

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Heal, relax, and settle into motherhood.

We are constantly finding the most up-to-date and exciting products on the market just for you! Because of this, items shown are for demonstrative purposes of what types of products you will receive. Your actual gift box may vary a little. 

  •  #Momfuel portable coffee cup
  •  Holistica Botanicals Nipple Balm 0.5 oz
  •  Wash.It.Later. Grab and Go Emergency Soaking Bag
  •  "Sleeping Beauty" essential oil roller (Coconut oil and Lavendar and Cedarwood by Young Living)
  •  Benjamin Soap Company Face Cleanser 4oz (Lavender Tea Tree oil or Rosemary)
  •  Benjamin Soap Company Face Loofah Vegetable Scrub
  •  Three Sweet Petities Postpartum Healing Bath Bomb
  •  Earth Mama Tea Samples
**Always use caution when using essential oils while pregnant