How To Get Better Sleep During Your Pregnancy



      These babies will become your best friends once your bump makes an appearance. It is recommended that you avoid sleeping on your back somewhere around 20 weeks. This is because that growing baby belly will put pressure on a major blood vessel. So go ahead and roll onto your side. Stick 2-3 pillows behind you for support. When you try and roll over in your sleep, they will keep you in place-----plus they are soooo comfy. Ad another pillow between your legs at your knees. Keep the pillow fest going and grab one more to hug. With all this coziness, bedtime might just become your favorite part of the day!




          Staying hydrated during your pregnancy is especially important, so drink tons of water during the day. Bonus, the extra water might help with those nasty leg cramps you will be more prone to getting. But all that extra water means that our already weaker bladder will be begging us to pee more times in a day than we thought was possible. And half the battle of sleeping during pregnancy is STAYING asleep! So try going to bed with an empty bladder if you can manage, and may the odds be ever in your favor.





              Exercising has so many benefits, but we love it because overall, it will actually provide you with extra energy during the day. It will also improve your circulation which will help prevent a whole host of issues; ankle swelling, constipation, varicose veins, and leg cramps. The best part? You’re strengthening the muscles that support your back which means less discomfort during the night because of back pain. When you do finally doze off, you should be getting a more restful sleep. New to exercising? Try some power walking! 


              Be sure to check with your doctor before setting up an exercise program. And remember to keep well hydrated and cool during exercise. Your body temperature should not go above 101 degrees Fahrenheit.




                  One word: HEARTBURN. For some women, this is the hardest part of the pregnancy, especially when it comes time to sleep. Try to keep ahead of it by eating smaller meals. Keeping your stomach from being full will lessen the chance of heartburn. Slowing down on the liquids before bed will also help combat this. If all else fails and that nasty heartburn creeps up anyway…. move on to number 5.




                      You may have to resort to sleeping while sitting up. The good part? You already have all the pillows you need to make this as comfortable as possible. If your feet have been swelling, throw a pillow under them. And hey, maybe your baby love is growing a full head of hair in there. Get the bows ready, girl mama!


                        TURN OFF THE HEAT!!


                          We already feel like walking ovens when we’re pregnant. Being too hot while trying to sleep is just asking for disaster. Our body temperature naturally drops while we are sleeping and if it’s too hot (or cold!), our body is going to struggle to find a happy medium to keep you sleeping deeply. The recommended temperature for the best sleep is between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. But play around with the temperature and find your happy place!


                            ESSENTIAL OILS


                              Time to break out the oils, ladies! If you haven’t been on the EO train yet, now is a good time to jump on. You have nothing to lose! Put a diffuser next to your bed and ad 2-3 drops of Lavender to promote relaxation and a deeper sleep. You can also apply it topically. If it’s your first time using oils, we recommend diluting your lavender with another oil. Coconut oil works well. A good rule of thumb to follow is 1 teaspoon of carrier oil (the coconut), for every 1 drop of essential oil. Add this to a roller and start rolling! The bottom of your feet is a good place to start.


                              Always consult a doctor before adding oil to your regimen. Oils are not regulated by the FDA. Click here for a list of oils to stay away from during pregnancy. This may not be a comprehensive list.


                                MAKE YOUR ROOM AS DARK AS POSSIBLE


                                  Any lights on in your room can inhibit melatonin secretion. This is a hormone your body produces to promote sleep. So cover up those digital clocks, switch to a motion activated night light, and keep those street lights from creeping into your room. Make that room dark, baby!


                                  What are some tips that have helped you get better sleep during pregnancy? Leave a comment below so we can all learn!

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